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We are not lawyers, but being in the 3D arena, we have a fantastic referral to an attorney in the space.

As 3D printing and 3d reproduction technologies, explode the law will need to keep up. While some existing laws of copyright well cover the area, other's such as product liability from 3D reproduced parts dearly need clarification.

3D printing has existed for decades within certain manufacturing industries where many legal regimes, including patents, industrial design rights, copyright, and trademark may apply. However, there is not much jurisprudence to say how these laws will apply if 3D printers become mainstream and individuals and hobbyist communities begin manufacturing items for personal use, for non-profit distribution, or for sale.

We plan to frequently update our 3D Legal Information here, so please stay tuned!


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With a number to client facing complex issues we are excited to have chosen Attorney Frederick Juckniess as our featured 3D Legal Expert.

Need 3D Engineering & Printing

3D printing since, 2010, Arden has produced 1,000s of pieces. Their engineering team colleague was actually being named in a Motley Fool article as the the creator of "the World’s 1st Desktop 3D Printer for Metal".

Need 3D Scanning

3D scanning sin 2012 they actually, have scanned everything from an original piece of the Apollo 13 Command Module, animal figurines to be transmitted overseas to be made into pieces for a game, and as well as parts for a NATO member military vehicle needing a redesign.